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Our tutoring programs begin with a free in-home assessment where you and your child can get to know our tutors and make sure they’re the perfect fit for your family’s educational goals.


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From math fundamentals to advanced college mathematics.


Where else can you learn physics from a physicist?

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Foothills Tutoring Group provides the professional private tutors you’ve been looking for throughout western Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Glendale and all nearby areas. 

Our sciencemath, and test-prep tutors are full-time professionals in their field, ready to meet you at your home. They are engineers, scientists, physicists, astronomers, chemists, and mathematicians at Southern California’s most prestigious labs, firms, and institutions—and they want to help your child succeed.

The mission of Foothills Tutoring Group is to give back to the community by providing affordable in-home science, technology, engineering, math, and test tutoring services. We find tutors with real-world, industry-specific experiences so they can address those hard-to-understand topics in a meaningful and impactful way. When your student asks, “When will I ever use this?” our tutors demonstrate how professionals apply these concepts outside the classroom.

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Foothills Tutoring Group provides the convenience and value you deserve with our test prep and STEM tutoring services. Gone are the days of fighting traffic to get your student to yet another activity. Our private tutors come to your house to serve your student in a familiar and convenient learning environment.

We offer competitive rates for industry-leading tutoring services because our community of tutors—already full-time STEM professionals—simply wants to give back to the next generation of innovators and creators. Foothills Tutoring Group’s well-rounded tutors handle just about any subject your student struggles with, from freshman English to AP Calculus. Are you a college student looking for assistance with collegiate-level courses? We have tutors for your most challenging course material.

Foothills Tutoring Group focuses on giving back to our communities and preparing the next generation to help the world with groundbreaking inventions and discoveries. Before we begin tutoring, we provide the opportunity to learn about our tutors and find the best fit for your family’s goals. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home assessment of your student’s needs.

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Contact us for a free in-home assessment of your student’s needs. You and your student can get to know our tutors and make sure they’re the perfect fit for your family’s educational goals.

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