As soon as we get a green light to proceed, it will usually take 24 hours to assign one of our tutors consistent with the subject matter, location and student availability. We will inform you of the selected instructor and they will then contact you directly. After that, it is between you and the assigned tutor to find a good starting day and time.

With a small army of tutors available, the qualifications for each of our tutors is varied. Most all of the instructors have at least an undergraduate degree, with a vast majority have advanced degrees. Most all of the instructors are currently employed within their subject matter expertise.

Yes. We do our best to assign tutors compatible with your student (subject matter, relatability, personality, location, etc), but we are sometimes not perfect. We ask that you give the assigned teacher a few sessions to build a good working relationship with their students. If it is still not working effectively, please contact our office and we can re-assign.

At all times during a tutoring session, an adult (parent or guardian over 18) will need to be present in the house. They do not need to be at the table (and we prefer they not be), or in the same room, but they should have some presence around the house.

Yes, certainly. We have tutored at schools, libraries, and coffee shops (although the coffee shops can be a bit loud at times). The best location is at your kitchen table, where the students are most comfortable, relaxed and open for new ideas and approaches.

The remaining balance of any prepaid tuition package can be refund at any time.

The instructors log their activity onto our online portal. The information from that portal is download directly into our accounting system twice per month and used for invoice processing. Any discrepancies can be traced to the instructor log submitted for that time period.

The scheduling is between you and the assigned tutor to find a good day(s) and time(s) generally consistent from week to week. The schedule should be of a priority that the student can commit to.

Yes, generally. We may have to change out the instructor if sufficient progress is not being made with the student or the availability of the assigned instructor has changed (schedule or location changes).


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