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Science, Math & Test Prep tutoring in arcadia

Foothills Mathematics Group (FMG) is an elite team of math, science and test prep tutors that has been serving Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley since 2003. Looking for tutors in Arcadia to help your favorite student with math, science and college admissions test prep? You can trust the best and brightest instructors available, at Foothills Mathematics Group (FMG).

One-on-One In-Home Tutoring, Right Here in Arcadia
FMG's tutoring service can help your Arcadia High School, Rancho High School, Arroyo Pacific Academy or other Arcadia area students in a one-on-one setting right in your own home.  

Parents don't need to add yet another trip to their day in Arcadia traffic. Foothills Mathematics Group tutors come to you. Less stress for parents and their students means a better tutoring experience for everyone – and better results for your student.

Study with the Pros: Tutors With Real-World Science, Math and Engineering Experience
FMG tutors are local engineers, scientists and mathematicians working at prestigious firms here in Arcadia, the rest of the San Gabriel Valley, and across Southern California. Our Arcadia home-based tutors know their subjects because they work in their subjects.

Our focus on finding tutors with these unique life experiences lets us get those sometimes hard-to-understand topics across to your student in a way they will understand. Have you heard your student ask that age-old question, “When will I ever use this?” Our tutors can tell them exactly when.

Math, Science and Test Prep Tutoring Services We Offer in Arcadia

This is just an overview of the many subjects our tutors can help your students with. Don't see the subject you need? Just ask.

Math Tutoring Subjects:     

  • Math Fundamentals
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1 & 2
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry             
  • Pre-Calculus         
  • Calculus, including Advanced Placement Test Prep
  • Probability and Statistics     

Science Tutoring Subjects

  • General Science         
  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Life Science
  • Chemistry, including Advanced Placement Test Prep
  • Biology, including Advanced Placement Test Prep
  • Physics, including Advanced     Placement Test Prep
  • Computer Science
  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry

Test Prep Lessons in Arcadia

Our tutors can also help your student prepare for college entrance exams and other important tests. Give your student a leg-up in the competitive college admissions and scholarship world with one-on-one test prep tutoring at your Arcadia home with the tutors at Foothills Mathematics Group.

PSAT, SAT I, SAT II, ACT, ISEE, HSPT and GRE test prep is all available from FMG tutors who have been very successful themselves at these important tests. And they know the most up-to-date strategies to prepare for these life-changing exams.

In-Home Assessment
We offer our Arcadia students and their families a free in-home assessment of the student's needs. You and your student can get to know our tutors and make sure they're the perfect fit for your family's educational goals. Call us at 888-784-1639 to schedule your assessment today.